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PMQ Finds Pizza in Niagara Falls

Some months back, I was on a road trip to New England to work an event for PMQ. Planning out my drive, I opted not to take the Appalachian route, but a more northern trajectory that would route the Pizza TV van through upstate New York. As I had never … More

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5 About Us Pages That Are Better Than Yours

What does your “About Us” page say about you and your pizzeria? If you're being honest, does the current description of your pizzeria on your "About Us" page inspire potential customers to find out more about your business? Consumers today want to know who is making their pizza. They want to … More

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The Chef’s Corner: Scott Wiener Q&A

If you passed him on the street you probably wouldn’t recognize him unless you knew him. Under the glasses and beard, he looks like any regular New Yorker on his way to work or play.  Now, if you saw him getting off his signature yellow school bus in front … More

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10 Most-Read Stories of 2017

As we wrap up 2017 and plan our editorial calendar for the new year, we were curious about which stories grabbed your interest over the past 12 months. We took to Google Analytics to find out.  By far, the most visited page online at PMQ.com in 2017 was the always resourceful Think Tank, … More

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PMQ Visits Tulum, Mexico

    On a recent trip to Mexico, PMQ's media producer Daniel Lee Perea discovered a Neapolitan pizzeria in the town of Tulum, sharing his experience and photos here. A Little Slice of Paradise By Daniel Lee Perea Far from the obnoxious bustle of Cancun, Mexico, lies a strip of prime … More

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PMQ Samples Vancouver Slices

No matter where I go, I'm always scoping out the pizza scene. So on a recent vacation with my husband to Vancouver, B.C., Canada, I was on the lookout for local slices. Surprisingly it's not hard to find pizza in Vancouver, because it's everywhere!  We could not walk two blocks without passing a … More

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NRA Show 2017: Best of Show

  Linda Green Co-Publisher/Sales Director RediHEAT I loved this 16” 10-pie heated bag, which is RediHEAT’s largest bag. I learned that it was made for several Pizza Hut locations earlier this year, and they were able to add their own branding to these bags. This bag is ideal for large catering orders or school lunch programs. … More

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Chef’s Corner: Q&A with Chef Leo Spizzirri

Hello and welcome to the Chef’s Corner! I’m Brian Hernandez, and an ever-learning student of the art that is pizza. Being in the wonderful position I am as the test chef for PMQ and the coordinator for the U.S. Pizza Team, I am afforded the luxury of meeting some … More

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Pizza Rules Fast Casual

What some thought was a passing trend 10 years ago has turned into a major sector of the pizza industry. According to a recent article on Eater, pizza now reigns supreme as the leading fast casual restaurant model, representing 37% of all fast casual restaurants. This number is ahead of … More

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Domino's CEO Reveals Significant Driver of Sales

Which marketing program is driving your business? According to QSR Magazine, Domino’s CEO Patrick Doyle recently reported that Domino’s Piece of the Pie Rewards program, which began in 2015, has been a significant driver of the brand’s sales growth through increased frequency of existing customers. The program allows customers to … More