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5 Pizzerias Named in Yelp's Top 100 for 2018

Yelp has released its 5th Annual Top 100 Places to Eat in the US list. This year, we found five pizzerias on the list! According to Yelp, in order to determine Yelp’s Top 100 Places to Eat for 2018, they looked at the reviews received by businesses in the restaurant … More

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Top 5 Digital Trends to Watch in 2018

Global research firm Euromonitor International has released a new webinar titled, Top 5 Digital Consumer Trends in 2018. PMQ watched the presentation, given by Michelle Evans, global head of digital consumer research for Euromonitor International, and we’ve included highlights for you below. According to the webinar, there are now 3.6 … More

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Beer for Life and German Pizza

What could be cooler than a restaurant offering the option of beer for life at a cost of $1,000? How about a full line-up of German pizzas called Flammkuchen to pair with them? The Brewtorium Brewery & Kitchen, which opened in February in Austin, Texas, is the creation of husband-and-wife … More

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Have You Heard of Beach Pizza?

I was looking through some #pizza Twitter posts the other day and came across a mention of "Beach Pizza," which made me do a double take. After 11 years of eating and writing about nearly every type of pizza, I had never heard the term "beach pizza."  I reached out … More

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Bulgarian Pizza Plays Hide and Seek

Ryan Galer, also known as “Russian Man,” is an American comic writer and frequent traveler. In support of his crowdfunding campaign to travel the Balkans, PMQ's international correspondent Missy Green requested that he sample some pizza and report back to PMQ. In his stumbling, foreigner-style persona, Russian Man uncovers the … More

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Chef’s Corner | An Interview with Mario Rizzotti

The 80’s equaled an era of excess in America. This translated to all aspects of our lives. Possessions, wealth, numbers of different hair gels we owned. It even translated to our pizzas. We started piling on the toppings to get more bang for our buck. But luckily, the world … More

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4 Crazy Pizza Crimes

In our perusal of the daily pizza news, there's always a bit of crazy that floats to the top. While we try to shield you as best we can from the negativity, sometimes weird pizza news is too tempting not to share. Clearly the people below do not love pizza like … More


The U.S. Pizza Team crowns new champion at the Winter Trials!

    The 2018 U.S. Pizza Team Winter Athletic Trials were held at the Mid-America Restaurant Expo in Columbus, Ohio, yesterday. It was a close race, with top prize for freestyle dough spinning going to Michael Reyes-Casanova from Ynot Italian by only half a point. Reyes-Casanova will now travel … More


A Walk Through the Olive Groves

A Walk Through the Olive Groves Story and photos by Liz Barrett Foster Learning a delicious lesson about California-produced olive oil. Give me a loaf of bread and some good olive oil and I’m a happy girl. Ask me to choose the best olive oil from dozens of bottles on … More