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4 Crazy Pizza Crimes

In our perusal of the daily pizza news, there's always a bit of crazy that floats to the top. While we try to shield you as best we can from the negativity, sometimes weird pizza news is too tempting not to share. Clearly the people below do not love pizza like … More


The U.S. Pizza Team crowns new champion at the Winter Trials!

    The 2018 U.S. Pizza Team Winter Athletic Trials were held at the Mid-America Restaurant Expo in Columbus, Ohio, yesterday. It was a close race, with top prize for freestyle dough spinning going to Michael Reyes-Casanova from Ynot Italian by only half a point. Reyes-Casanova will now travel … More


A Walk Through the Olive Groves

A Walk Through the Olive Groves Story and photos by Liz Barrett Foster Learning a delicious lesson about California-produced olive oil. Give me a loaf of bread and some good olive oil and I’m a happy girl. Ask me to choose the best olive oil from dozens of bottles on … More

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5 Useful Pizza Valentine Gifts

I've received–and purchased–plenty of pizza-themed items over the last decade. Many of them sit on my desk and make me happy. Others get used on a regular basis, helping to spread the joy of (and craving for) pizza to others. So for Valentine's Day, if you're thinking of getting the … More

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3 Pizzerias to Watch

As pizza advocates and pizza lovers, we keep a close watch on the pizza industry. Hundreds of pizzerias open every year, which means every new pizzeria operator needs to do something unique if they want to catch the eye of the passerby. Big or small, here are three new pizzerias … More

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5 Easy Ways to Celebrate National Pizza Day

Friday is National Pizza Day, and as a card-carrying member of the pizza community, it’s your duty to help America celebrate! It’s OK if you don’t have anything elaborate planned. There’s still time to throw something together. After all, everyone else will be celebrating in some way, so don’t be … More

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How to Make Faina

Fainá, a crunchy, thin, bread made from chickpea flour is a hugely popular accompaniment to pizza in Uruguay and Argentina. Fainá is served in slices alongside pizza and is made to be set on top of the pizza as a crunchy top layer. That’s right – it’s a chickpea wafer … More

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Gearing Up for Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the busiest days for pizzerias across the nation. You may already be taking preorders for the Big Game and lining up extra staff for online orders, phone calls and delivery runs this coming weekend.  The National Chicken Council reports that fans will eat 1.35 … More


Panino's Pizza Wins 2018 Pizza Pizzazz

  Up against 39 other contestants, U.S. Pizza Team member Lenny Rago of Chicago's Panino's Pizza took home the $5,000 first place grand prize yesterday with his "Hog Heaven" pizza at the Pizza Pizzazz Culinary Competition. Held during the Mid-America Restaurant Expo in Columbus, Ohio, the Pizza Pizzazz contest … More