United States Pizza Team Arrives In China

The United States Pizza Team sent four members to compete at the Chinese Pizza Championship at FHC China in Shanghai. Michael LaMarca, Jason Samosky, Dave Sommers and Chris Mallon arrived in Shanghai, immersed themselves in the local culture and began preparing to execute their culinary masterpieces.       … More


U.S. Pizza Team – China 2016

The U.S. Pizza Team will return to FHC Food Show in Shanghai in 2016 to once again compete at the Chinese Pizza Championship. Follow along at and on social media.       … More


U.S. Pizza Team at IBIE

The United States Pizza Team held a competition at International Baking Industry Exposition in Las Vegas, Nevada in October.  Winners in three disciplines would receive a grand prize all-expenses paid trip to Parma, Italy to compete as a U.S. Pizza Team member at the 2017 World Pizza Championship. Pizza TV … More


U.S. Pizza Team – Ryan LaRose Wins Sofo Challenge

Ryan LaRose of Leone's Pizza in Columbus, Ohio punched his ticket to the World Pizza Championship in 2017 with a winning mushroom combination pie at the Sofo Restaurant & Foodservice Summit in September. LaRose has competed with the U.S. Pizza Team in the acrobatic category in the past, but this … More

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5 dining tips the US Pizza Team discovered in Italy

The U.S. Pizza Team has been venturing to Italy since the turn of the century.  In their 16 years of travel to the world's most infamous pizza country, they have uncovered some interesting surprises when it comes in dining out in Italy.  Here are 5 things you need to know about … More

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Groupon U.S. Pizza Team Enjoys Chinese Adventure

Four members of the Groupon U.S. Pizza Team competed and learned from their Chinese contemporaries at the 10th annual Chinese Pizza Championship in Shanghai, China, Nov. 11 & 12. Jane Mines, co-owner of Nima's Pizza in Gasseville, Arkansas, took second place with her pepperoni and mushroom pizza with a twist. The mushroom … More

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Welcoming Groupon to the U.S. Pizza Team

Welcoming Groupon to the Team Here at PMQ, we talk and think and write a lot about the U.S. Pizza Team. For us, it represents everything we love about pizzaioli and the pizza industry—the energy, the big-hearted warmth and earthy humor, the flair for innovation and, paradoxically, the passion … More