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Amir Bozaghian is Sweden’s new triple crowned champion

At the Pizza Champion Cup in Gothenburg, Sweden, Amir Bozaghian took home first place again for a whopping 3rd time this month. At his pizzeria Vezzo located in Umeå, North of Sweden, Bozaghian says, "we have won so many times, people are getting used to it now." Previous victories just earlier this month include Best Margherita Pizza at the Pizza … More

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Results from Pizza Champion Cup in Stockholm

Sweden’s non-traditional approach to pizza makes it one of the most exciting places to judge culinary competitions. Pizza purists can scoff all they want, but the Swedes don't flinch when it comes to putting pineapples, nuts, or even bananas, on a pizza. Their anything-goes attitude stops short, however, when it … More

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Romanian Pizza and Pasta Championship

I was recently invited by the Asociatia Culturala Euro-Est Alternativ (The Romanian Pizza Association) to attend the International Pizza & Pasta Championship in Bucharest, Romania, from March 11 to 13, 2018. My mission was to represent the Bulgarian Association Pizzaioli on the judging panel and help select this year's winner.  The level of the pizza chefs, … More

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Meet the U.S. Pizza Team: Lenny Rago, Panino’s

With his partners and teammates, Gino Rago and Bruno Brunetti, Leonardo “Lenny” Rago, co-owner of Panino’s in Chicago, has traveled the globe and won acclaim in various pizza contests, including the top prize in the 2018 Pizza Pizzazz competition at the Mid-America Restaurant Expo in Columbus, Ohio. Daniel Lee … More


The U.S. Pizza Team crowns new champion at the Winter Trials!

    The 2018 U.S. Pizza Team Winter Athletic Trials were held at the Mid-America Restaurant Expo in Columbus, Ohio, yesterday. It was a close race, with top prize for freestyle dough spinning going to Michael Reyes-Casanova from Ynot Italian by only half a point. Reyes-Casanova will now travel … More


Northeast Gourmet Trials – United States Pizza Team

Congratulations to Bradley Corbin – the winner of the U.S. Pizza Team's Northeast Gourmet Trials! Check out this exclusive PMQ video that shows how Corbin, owner of Sloopy's Sports Cafe in Lakeside, Ohio, edged out 19 other pizzaioli with his one-of-a-kind Detroit-style Korean beef pizza!       … More