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Make Facebook chatbots work for you with these tips and tricks

If you feel an ingrained irritation with automated phone services, you’re not the only one. While many companies like using the phone-bot system for its speed, it usually fails to satisfy customers—and the negativity surrounding automated customer services does not stop at phone lines. Fortunately, a recent attempt to … More

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Made to Order: Tips for Online Ordering

Online Ordering Should Be Easy as Pie Today’s most successful marketers are leveraging technology to improve the customer experience, says Steve Hauber, president of Valassis Local Solutions. And the best online ordering experience is a quick and easy one. A clunky, hard-to-use system can turn a customer off permanently. “Restaurateurs … More

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8 Tips for Better Video

A strong web presence helps drive strong sales.  In fact, many of the fastest growing pizzerias had the highest web rankings in 2017. Social media has also become a powerful marketing tool in the pizza industry. According to PMQ’s 2018 Pizza Industry Census, pizzeria operators reported their top three social … More

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The Possibilities of Pasta

Pasta is a quintessential comfort food—versatile, hearty and loved the world over—as well as a natural profit maker for pizzerias. But while time-tested standards like spaghetti Bolognese and penne primavera may remain perennial favorites, pasta selections (like everything else) have evolved beyond the basics. Today’s customers seek new flavor combinations, … More

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New York State of Mind

New York-style pizza is an American icon.  Even those who didn’t grow up in New York or never tasted a New York slice can still recognize a New York pizza. That big, signature, foldable crust, complete with a healthy helping of part-skim mozzarella forming a satisfying river of grease down … More

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Chef’s Corner – Laura Meyer

All the greats in the world, be they superheroes, late-night talk show hosts, presidents or sports figures, have that one person who helped them rise to the top of their game. Sometimes they’re the unsung heroes who stay behind the scenes. Sometimes they’re equal partners.  The same is true … More


California Dreamin’: How Golden State pizza chefs used fresh, local and seasonal ingredients to develop a pizza style that has spread across the country

      Think California, and certain stereotypes spring to mind: year-round sunshine, laid-back surfer dudes, health-conscious hippies, and a progressive approach to just about everything—including pizza. No surprise, then, that the state's focus on local, seasonal ingredients, quirky topping combos and artisan craftsmanship, once ahead of its time, has … More