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Product Spotlight – November 2013

Colorful and Customized Impact International’s custom-branded plastic tumblers and pitchers are sturdy, dishwasher-safe and made in the United States. The tumblers are available in red, ice blue, royal blue and clear and a wide variety of sizes; blank tumblers are also available. Operators can send in their logos to receive … More

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Product Spotlight – October 2013

Comfort and Performance MOZO Shoes’ Green Skull honors Mexico’s celebrated holiday, Día de Los Muertos, with an embroidered Mexican sugar skull stitched on the upper part in neon green. The ultra-lightweight frame, gel insoles, side vents and slip-resistant outsoles provide premium comfort and performance. MOZO’s footwear can handle the heat … More

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Product Spotlight – September 2013

Fidelity Communications This phone system that pairs perfectly with pizza! Fidelity Communications, a leader in QSR phone systems for more than 25 years, offers the new, low-priced Synapse phone system with call queuing and message-on-hold features. Built to last, the system enables employees to clearly hear and communicate with callers. … More

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Online Ordering company spotlight

411Eat The 411eat online ordering service can be integrated with all major POS systems—including Aloha, Micros, Maitre’D, and POSitouch—and can also be integrated with mobile devices, tablets, laptops and even Facebook. 411eat offers in-store kiosk solutions that enable customers to order via tablets and have their orders placed directly into … More


Idea Zone: September 2013

The next giant step in online pizza ordering is here! RedShift, a company that specializes in voice recognition technology, is making it easier—and faster—for customers to order pizza online or with smart devices. The technology is available to pizzeria companies—whether chains or independents—looking to improve their mobile apps and make … More

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Product Spotlight-;August 2013

Deal Appeal Pizza restaurants nationwide are increasing sales and store traffic by using Peel-A-Deal Coupon Cards. Peel-A-Deal promotions, which receive up to a 40% redemption rate, can be distributed to customers in various ways, including direct mail campaigns, promotional inserts, grand openings, customized fundraising programs or in-store handouts. 877-563-5654, peeladeal.com … More