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Product Spotlight-December 2019

Hanson Heat Lamps For more than 30 years, Hanson Heat Lamps has made some of the finest freestanding heat lamps, carving stations and sneeze guards in the world. They also produce a wide variety of stylish and reliable ceiling-mounted and retractable heat lamps. Headquartered in Sun Valley, California, Hanson is a … More


Idea Zone: EccoX Offers a Revolutionary New Pizza Tray Insert

Developed after more than three years of research, EccoX offers a solution to your soggy crust problems. This revolutionary new, eco-friendly pizza carton insert sits under the pie and isolates it from its oils and juices while preventing the pizza carton base from capturing all its heat. This means your … More


SmartMarket: Italforni Helps Reinvent C-Store Pizza

Pizza isn’t hard to find in a convenience store—high-quality pizza is a different matter altogether. But Dave Carpenter, president/CEO of J.D. Carpenter Companies, is working to change that with help from oven manufacturer Italforni USA. Carpenter’s company has partnered with 7-Eleven, Inc., to create a new type of convenience store—called … More


SmartMarket: Unlock New Growth With Uber Eats

Are you ready to upgrade your delivery program? Uber Eats can take you to the next level, offering flexible delivery solutions that work with your restaurant, not against it, and potentially expanding your brand’s reach to thousands of new customers in your area. The demand for delivery is rising among all age … More

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Product Spotlight: November 2019

Patra’s Eco-Dinnerware No trees are cut to make Patra’s Eco-Dinnerware. The products are made from fallen leaves, and Patra uses 100% renewable resources. The dinnerware will naturally biodegrade within three to six weeks and can be composted in your backyard. Patra’s products come from the earth and go back to … More


SmartMarket: How to Win at Online Ordering and Delivery

Third-party delivery services like Uber Eats, Grubhub and others are taking the market by storm. But using them comes at a cost, to the tune of 20% to 30% in fees and commissions, which cuts into restaurants’ margins, says Larry Fiel, director of marketing for PDQ POS, an all-in-one, all-in-house … More

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Product Spotlight-October 2019

Portion PadL Simple to use and easy to clean, the Portion PadL cuts equal pizzas into equal slices. It’s custom-made for your pizza size and slice applications. Everyone on your staff will be able to cut equal slices, regardless of experience level. It reduces food costs, increases profits and ensures … More


Idea Zone: Maximize Your Pizzeria’s Online Ordering Potential

When pizzeria owners design their online ordering system, they look for compatibility with their POS system, ability to work with third-party delivery services, and a reasonable cost. That’s where Revention Online Ordering Solution comes in. By integrating various ordering platforms—such as mobile apps, standard online ordering and even kiosks—into one … More


SmartMarket: Caputo Crafts Customized Distinction

Every restaurant owner, chef, and line cook know that before that first bite is taken, you eat with your eyes. That is especially true in the Instagram-focused foodie climate of today. Your dish has to not only taste good on the plate but has to have that ‘gram-worthy appeal to … More


Pizza Quattro Staggione with Nutella

PIZZA QUATTRO STAGIONI WITH NUTELLA® Yields: 8 servings / Portion: 1 slice 1-12-inch pre-baked crust 3 oz. Fiore di Latte cream 3 oz. Nutella® 1/4 cup grapes, seedless 1/4 cup Asian pear 1/4 cup strawberry 1/4 cup blueberry Fiore di Latte Cream: ¼ cup (2oz.) milk 3 tsp. unflavored powdered … More