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Recipe Video: The Korean Beef

USPT member Bradley Corbin demonstrates how to make his award winning pizza, The Korean Beef. This pie features flavors, colors and textures that are sure to make your customers and family keep coming back for more. 16 oz. dough ball (14”-round) 5 oz. Galbani Whole Milk Mozzarella 3-4 oz. Crumbled … More

this photo depicts a recipe for spaghetti carbonara with homemade pasta

Recipe Video: Spaghetti Carbonara With Homemade Pasta

It’s one of the unsung heroes of Italian food – creamy, savory spaghetti carbonara. PMQ Test Chef Brian Hernandez coaxed the super-talented Massimo Mannino, owner of Nino’s Cucina Italiana and a member of the U.S. Pizza Team, into sharing his recipe for spaghetti carbonara using fresh, housemade pasta You can … More

example of a spaghetti dish featuring a recipe for homemade pasta
Go for the Dough

Go for the Dough: A Recipe for Homemade Pasta

Looking for a recipe for homemade pasta? PMQ has you covered in our latest “Go for the Dough” video! Just remember: Making homemade pasta from scratch is labor-intensive for a pizza restaurant operation. But according to Massimo Mannino, owner of Nino’s Cucina Italiana in Greenville, North Carolina, the extra work … More


Pizza Quattro Staggione with Nutella

PIZZA QUATTRO STAGIONI WITH NUTELLA® Yields: 8 servings / Portion: 1 slice 1-12-inch pre-baked crust 3 oz. Fiore di Latte cream 3 oz. Nutella® 1/4 cup grapes, seedless 1/4 cup Asian pear 1/4 cup strawberry 1/4 cup blueberry Fiore di Latte Cream: ¼ cup (2oz.) milk 3 tsp. unflavored powdered … More