Chef’s Corner

The Chef’s Corner: Leah Scurto

Brian: Hello! I am here with the tremendously talented Leah Scurto of the U.S. Pizza Team and recently Pizza My Heart in the San Francisco Bay Area. Thank you for joining me in the Chef’s Corner, Leah.   Leah: I’m glad to be here.   Brian: So, I hear … More


The Chef’s Corner: Will Grant Interview

Pearl Jam, Starbucks and rainy days. Just a few of the things Seattle is best known for. Now, while PJ is my favorite band, I now associate Seattle with something better. Great sourdough pizza! In November 2017, Will Lawrence-Grant of That’s A Some Pizza in Bainbridge Island, WA., just … More


The Chef’s Corner: Scott Wiener Q&A

If you passed him on the street you probably wouldn’t recognize him unless you knew him. Under the glasses and beard, he looks like any regular New Yorker on his way to work or play.  Now, if you saw him getting off his signature yellow school bus in front … More