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St. Louis Pizza Chain Boosts Its Own Minimum Wage

The owner of a pizzeria in St. Louis is getting national recognition for doing what he felt was right: boosting his employees’ starting wages to $10.10 an hour. Pi Pizzeria, a small chain with five stores and a mobile unit in the St. Louis area, plus a sixth store in … More

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Meet the ultimate pizza band: The Pizza Underground

PMQ Pizza Magazine heard the news and immediately had to reach out to Macaulay Culkin’s new band, The Pizza Underground, to talk pizza. The band consists of Culkin on the kazoo, Matt Colbourn on guitar, Deenah Kreutz on the glockenspiel, Deenah Vollmer on the pizza box (yes, the pizza box—we’re … More

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Hungry Howie's Pizza ad parodies Van Damme

When DBA Worldwide, the ad agency for the Hungry Howie’s Pizza chain, spotted a viral video featuring Jean Claude Van Damme and two Volvo trucks, they instantly realized that the ingenious Youtube spot was ripe for parody. The video depicts Van Damme standing rigidly, arms crossed, between two Volvo trucks … More

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Domino's India Web site hacked, customer data leaked

quot;The Indian Web site of pizza retailer Domino was hacked by a Turkish group, which leaked information from about 37,000 accounts online. The data included names, phone numbers, email addresses, and passwords," according to ZDNet. "In a report Tuesday by the Business Standard, the culprits behind the breach called themselves the Turkish Ajan … More

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Chicken wings, pizza, salad feed flood relief

quot;Have lunch at Green Mill’s Mobil Kitchen and save a basement," according to the Superior Telegram. "The Federal Emergency Management Agency has done its part, so has the State of Minnesota, now the Green Mill Restaurant’s Mobil Kitchen is hitting the road to help local residents whose lives were affected … More