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Pizza Star and il Magnifico Trophy Crown Winners in Florence

Florence, Italy – Naples-born Ciro Sasso took 1st place in Classica at the Pizza Star competition November 27th at pizzeria Buoneria in Florence. Competitors came from all over Italy – and some from Switzerland – to compete in two different competitions with 11 categories in total. Both the Pizza Star Competition and il Magnifico Trophy … More

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PMQ and the U.S. Pizza Team hit London

In an exploratory mission, PMQ staff and 2 members of the U.S. Pizza Team, Dave Sommers and Michael LaMarca visited The European Pizza & Pasta Show in London to exhibit and compete November 13-15. In only its 3rd year, the trade show had a number of key vendors in attendance. The European Pizza … More

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This Company is Pioneering New York-Style Pizza in Pakistan

On Monday, September 10, Famous O’s opened its first city location in Karachi, Pakistan. The concept is unlike anything else in the country, serving classic New York style pizza alongside Sicilian, Grandma and Upside-down pizzas made with American flour, sauce, cheese and pepperoni. The shop’s owner, Omar Qadir, is a diehard pizza … More

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This is The Most Loved Pizza in Trinidad and Tobago

Spicy doubles and Bake n Shark are some of Trinidad and Tobago’s (TT) most popular street foods. When it comes to pizza, however, the cheddar and pineapple pie from Mario’s comes in first as a signature national taste. The cheddar is imported from New Zealand, as it has been since Mario’s opened 46 … More


Scientists Try to Prove Why Wood-Burning Ovens are Best

  Does pizza naturally cook better in a certain type of oven? Was pizza always intended to be cooked in a wood-burning oven? This is precisely what a three physicists in Rome, Italy, are attempting to prove in their 10-page scientific abstract paper called “The Physics of Baking Good … More

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Amazing 120-Year Old Sourdough Pizza Starter

Every pizza maker is proud of his or her pizza dough. But what if you had your dough starter requested by a sourdough library? That's exactly what happened to Will Grant, 2017 Caputo Cup winner for Best Pizza in America, and owner of That's A Some Pizza on Bainbridge Island … More

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5 Incredible Pizzeria Designs

Designing a pizzeria is a labor of love. Whether you’re aiming for a modern, eclectic feel or one that reminds you of standing on a stool in your grandma’s kitchen, the pieces of your restaurant’s design need to fit together like a puzzle. Everything from lighting to seating to … More