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This is The Most Loved Pizza in Trinidad and Tobago

Spicy doubles and Bake n Shark are some of Trinidad and Tobago’s (TT) most popular street foods. When it comes to pizza, however, the cheddar and pineapple pie from Mario’s comes in first as a signature national taste. The cheddar is imported from New Zealand, as it has been since Mario’s opened 46 … More


Scientists Try to Prove Why Wood-Burning Ovens are Best

  Does pizza naturally cook better in a certain type of oven? Was pizza always intended to be cooked in a wood-burning oven? This is precisely what a three physicists in Rome, Italy, are attempting to prove in their 10-page scientific abstract paper called "The Physics of baking good Pizza." After a conversation about … More

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Amazing 120-Year Old Sourdough Pizza Starter

Every pizza maker is proud of his or her pizza dough. But what if you had your dough starter requested by a sourdough library? That's exactly what happened to Will Grant, 2017 Caputo Cup winner for Best Pizza in America, and owner of That's A Some Pizza on Bainbridge Island … More

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5 Incredible Pizzeria Designs

Designing a pizzeria is a labor of love. Whether you’re aiming for a modern, eclectic feel or one that reminds you of standing on a stool in your grandma’s kitchen, the pieces of your restaurant’s design need to fit together like a puzzle. Everything from lighting to seating to … More

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Papa John's Sells Ownership of China Stores

Papa John’s China LLC has sold its ownership of all 34 locations in Beijing and Tianjin to Asia Gourmet Holdings (Shanghai) CO., LTD., according to a press release released today by the company. Tim O’Hern, President, International, Papa John’s, said in the release, "Asia Gourmet Holdings (Shanghai) is an experienced … More

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Cheese Burglars a Big Problem in Italy

If you thought cheese was expensive here in The States, imagine having to protect it from thieves who show up in the middle of the night to steal it. That's exactly what's been happening for decades in Italy, according to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal. According to … More

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Pizza Sweetens Up in the Bahamas

Rudy Waldner is an author and worldwide speaker on restaurant "trench" marketing and business success. His work as a speaker takes him to international venues to hold workshops. His trip in the Bahamas, however, was to visit some of the most frequented places by his writing hero, Ernest Hemingway. See PMQ's free webinar with Waldner on … More

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Results from Pizza Champion Cup in Stockholm

Sweden’s non-traditional approach to pizza makes it one of the most exciting places to judge culinary competitions. Pizza purists can scoff all they want, but the Swedes don't flinch when it comes to putting pineapples, nuts, or even bananas, on a pizza. Their anything-goes attitude stops short, however, when it … More

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Romanian Pizza and Pasta Championship

I was recently invited by the Asociatia Culturala Euro-Est Alternativ (The Romanian Pizza Association) to attend the International Pizza & Pasta Championship in Bucharest, Romania, from March 11 to 13, 2018. My mission was to represent the Bulgarian Association Pizzaioli on the judging panel and help select this year's winner.  The level of the pizza chefs, … More