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Frozen Pizza Company Aims to Reduce Food Waste

Around 30 to 40 percent of all food in the U.S. is wasted daily. The United States Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service estimates the food loss in 2010 to be approximately 133 billion pounds and $161 billion in value on consumer and retail levels. USDA said that this amount … More

U.S. pizza team wins awards in granada
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Registration Open for the Spanish Pizza Championship

Spain’s historic city of Granada will be the backdrop of the the 4th annual “Pizza por Pasión” competition. The competition takes place October 7th during the Sabores de Nuestra Tierra food show, a regional trade show for Andalusia. It is organized by the UPIM (University of Italian Pizza in the … More

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New Zealand Pizzeria Angers Customers with Surprise ‘Fake Meat’

New Zealand pizzeria chain, Hell Pizza, earned its fame with creative, often cutting-edge marketing. This week is no exception. On June 21, Hell Pizza launched “Burger Pizza,” topped with “medium-rare burger patty” along with smoked cheddar, honey mustard, red onion and gherkins. After selling to 3,000 customers in the past … More