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Slice Unveils New Features for Its Slice Register POS Solution

With the new Slice Payments feature, pizzerias can cash out every day instead of only once a week, the company said. Slice Delivery Management is designed to address the pain points of managing order delivery. Related: New Slice platform gives independent pizzerias the same tech advantages as Domino’s franchisees Slice, … More

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When Should You Open Your Second Pizza Shop?

Are you really ready to add a second store to your pizzeria operation? How will you know when you’re ready? As part of a series of articles written for PMQ in 2015, industry veteran Sean Brauser, founder of the Romeo’s Pizza chain, answered these questions with, well, a list of … More

this photo shows one of Zume's pizza-making robots
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Whatever Happened to Zume’s Pizza-Making Robots?

Zume generated a lot of hype for its pizza-making robots in 2017, only to shut its pizza delivery operation down in early 2020. Now the company uses those robots to press and mold agricultural waste into sustainable containers for leading brands. Related: Why robots could save the pizza restaurant industry The story … More

this photo shows an employee at The Good Crust packaging dough balls
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The Good Crust Is Good for All the Right Reasons

Heather Kerner founded The Good Crust last year, creating dough made with locally grown grains from Maine farmers and millers. The social impact business also provide job skills training for youth with different needs and helps local nonprofits raise funds. Related: MOD Pizza commits to hiring more employees with autism … More