this photo shows an example of a pizzeria employee handbook
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How to Create a Pizzeria Employee Handbook

Every pizzeria operator should maintain written employment policies. Such policies, outlined in your pizzeria employee handbook, should explain the expectations and standards of conduct, as well as any benefits provided to workers. They ensure compliance with state and federal laws regarding wage and hour issues, sexual harassment, equal employment opportunity, … More

this photo shows an example of dough created for healthy pizza crusts
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Tom Lehmann’s Dough Formulas for Healthy Pizza Crusts

The demand for healthy pizza crusts won’t be going away too soon. Two options to keep in mind are whole-grain crusts and multi-grain crusts. Here, we share two formulas for healthy pizza crust dough provided by Tom “The Dough Doctor” Lehmann a few years back: Whole-Grain Crust Dough Formula Whole-wheat … More

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The Basics of Olive Oil

Olives were first cultivated in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean region, moving westward over the millennia. For thousands of years, the mystique of olive oil has permeated Mediterranean culture; ancient Greeks and Romans appreciated its mystical and medicinal properties. Today, people the world over appreciate this nectar of the … More