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Restaurants Experience Difficulty Obtaining Financing

AmeriMerchant, Leading Provider of Merchant Cash Advance, Offers Resolution   (New York, NY-March 19, 2007) How will your restaurant stack up in a year that’s projected to generate $537 billion in sales?    “A lot of our clients are restaurants,” said David Goldin, president and CEO of AmeriMerchant ( “After … More

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Willard Students Invent and Build Outdoor Clay Pizza Oven

According to a report from, students at Willard Middle School in Berkeley, Calif. showed off their newest invention. The article said, “At six-feet tall, five-feet wide and four-feet deep, the outdoor clay oven was perhaps one of the most exciting projects the sixth- and seventh-graders had got their hands—and … More

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Illinois Pizzeria fights neon sign ordinance

According to a report from, in Chicago, Ill., “Parmesans Wood Stone Pizza general manager Jeff Schaeffer said if he’s not allowed to display a neon “open” sign, there soon may be none.” In the article, Schaeffer said, “If I don’t give people the impression I’m open, they’ll think I’m … More

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UK man gets tattoo of ham and pineapple pizza on his head

According to an article from, The back of Colin Helsby’s head was inked right across the back with a slice of ham and pineapple pizza. The crust falls behind one ear and the tip behind his other. Helsby, 45-years-old, decided the tattoo would be good for his fundraiser that … More

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Domino's Makes Dreams Come True for Minority Franchisees

Domino’s Delivering the Dream Program Opens Doors for Aspiring Minority Franchise Candidates ANN ARBOR, Mich., March 20 /PRNewswire/ — Domino’s Pizza (NYSE:DPZ) is delivering a lot more than pizza for aspiring minority franchise candidates. Through Domino’s new “Delivering the Dream” program, the recognized world leader in pizza delivery is lending … More

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Restaurant Program & Online Resource Empowers Californians to Make Healthier Choices When Dining Out

California Restaurant Association and Healthy Dining Unveil Statewide Program to Help Californians Choose Healthier Options Sacramento – The California Restaurant Association (CRA), Healthy Dining, health officials and local restaurants are teaming up to announce the groundbreaking new Web site,, where California diners can find healthier options and nutrition information … More

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Business Triage

  What do Tylenol, New Coke, Jack-in-the-Box, Bag Leaf Spinach, Katrina and the World Trade Center have in common? They were all disasters. More specifically, they were all business disasters, and the outcomes of each of these disasters were completely dependent on managing needs and resources.   But what does triage have … More