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Who owns America's pizza industry?

Competition is tough in Connecticut, that is if you believe a lack of multi-store ownership is an indicator of competition. There are 846 owners in Connecticut that oversee 1,163 pizza stores. That means the average pizza entrepreneur operates 1.37 stores. In Mississippi, things are radically different. The average pizza operator … More

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Leave it to the pros – making radio advertising work

If you read my column in the last issue, you discovered a way to gain an unfair advertising advantage over your competitors; i.e., by using a professionally produced jingle. The next logical step, in my opinion, is to advise you use clever ad copy that is professionally produced to work … More

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Results of the 2001 World Pizza Championship

Each year the World Pizza Championship gets bigger and better. Over 600 Pizza Operators came this year from all over the world to make their claim that theirs was the world's best pizza. Only Giuseppe Paolini of Augusta, Italy and Claudio Menon from Rome could claim the title as makers … More

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Two-way radios improve customer service

A customer left waiting to be seated can easily become a lost customer. Magill's Famous Pizza in Annandale, Virginia is a buffet-style restaurant known to serve as many as 2,000 people in a single day. Located just off a major interstate just outside the nation's capitol, they have found a … More

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Bill York's Idea Forum

Strategy #93 Put the Wireless Web to Work For You! You've probably noticed the recent explosion in wireless devices. Internet-enabled wireless phones and Palm Pilots™ are showing up attached to just about everyone's belt. So how can you tap into this great new marketing tool? One way is by partnering … More

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Pizza predictions

Predicting is risky business. It opens a big door to the possibility that, some day, people will point a finger at us and scream, "Boy, were you wrong!" Regardless, here are some of my fearless predictions. I confidently assert that at least 50 percent of them will some day occur. … More

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Are you charging too low a price?

If you look at a pizza ad in the newspaper, you're almost bound to see a coupon or a featured price discount. If consumers perceive that a chain like Dominos, or a local operator trying to compete with Dominos, can always be bought on deal, then they aren't likely to … More

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Freeze-Dried Pizza?

Does the concept of freeze-dried send a shockwave through your system?  Well, get ready for a major mind adjustment, because it's here and is available on the web. Mark O'Brien, president of The Pizza Maker, spent seven years developing his pizza product,, with some help from the guys at the … More

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Special Occasion Pizzas

Dino is a true pizza artist.  Some people only make pizza; Dino lives and breathes pizza. Dino's Italian heritage proved to be a pizza asset from an early age, and as fate would have it, the small pizzeria he worked for while in high school came up for sale just … More