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Chasing the Winter Blues

          Even the dreariest of winter days can get a shot of blue skies and sunshine when you enjoy fresh fruit. Now through early spring, fresh blueberries of the highest quality arrive from South America every day, bringing the colors and flavors of summer to North American homes.           At … More

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The Seven Core Competencies for Partnering

Too often the attempt falls short of the desired outcomes. When partnering fails, many times it is because the team leaders and team members didn’t know how to make it succeed. Seven Core Competencies have been identified for making partnering succeed.   SEVEN CORE COMPETENCIES FOR PARTNERING™   Competency #1: … More

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Rolf Wilkin – Eureka Pizza

PMQ’s Very First Cover Story revisited for the 10th Anniversary Issue. Rolf Wilken decided to buy a failing pizzeria in Fayetteville, Arkansas in 1992. Since then, he has opened 14 more locations throughout Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kentucky. In the interview, he discusses his management theories and trends in … More

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Cut Through the Communication Clutter

            When your co-workers are also the people you live with, communication challenges are bound to occur. Why? Because when you live and work with the same people, whether you’re married and in business together, in a family business, or even in a profession that requires lots of “together … More

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Maintain Control: Keeping Conflict to a Minimum

Most people do what makes sense to themselves, regardless of the impact on others. When one person’s behavior is not understood and/or accepted by the other person, conflict ensues. The conflict can be overt or covert.    If this conflict is managed well, which means without negativity and the inappropriate display of anger, … More

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Pizzeria Co-Owner Jailed on Christmas

According to a report from in New Hampshire, “Roland White, the embattled restaurant owner who until Friday supplied pizza to Manchester public schools, was arrested at his Weare home Christmas Day after police were called about a domestic dispute.” The article said, “Charges pending against White weren’t immediately available … More

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Pizzeria Owner Sues Developer for Damages

According to an article from, “The owner of a pizza parlor located in the Franklin, Massachusettes, Center Commons construction site is seeking nearly $80,000 in damages from his landlord, project developer John Marini, according to a lawsuit filed in Norfolk Superior Court.” The report said, “The proprietor, Bechara “Bash” … More