U.S. pizza team wins awards in granada
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Registration Open for the Spanish Pizza Championship

Spain’s historic city of Granada will be the backdrop of the the 4th annual “Pizza por Pasión” competition. The competition takes place October 7th during the Sabores de Nuestra Tierra food show, a regional trade show for Andalusia. It is organized by the UPIM (University of Italian Pizza in the … More

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Pizza Chain CEO Throws Party for School Kids Who Sparked Straw Policy Change

A fourth-grade class from Wallingford Elementary School in Wallingford, Pennsylvania, recently demonstrated it doesn’t take big people—only big voices—to spark change. This was proven true when Boston-based UNO Pizzeria & Grill changed its corporate drinking-straw policy for all of its 100 restaurants after its CEO, Jim Ilaria, received personal and persuasive essays from … More

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New Zealand Pizzeria Angers Customers with Surprise ‘Fake Meat’

New Zealand pizzeria chain, Hell Pizza, earned its fame with creative, often cutting-edge marketing. This week is no exception. On June 21, Hell Pizza launched “Burger Pizza,” topped with “medium-rare burger patty” along with smoked cheddar, honey mustard, red onion and gherkins. After selling to 3,000 customers in the past … More

Bruce Irving
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Don’t Let Fear Stop You: Bruce Irving’s Keynote Talk

#8220;A lot people are afraid out there,” said Bruce Irving, addressing a crowd of pizzeria operators at the Renaissance country club outside Boston. “They’re afraid to be on camera or they just don’t like putting themselves out there.” Some say they don’t have anything to say or that they feel … More