Fernando Riccioni: Ohio Loses a Hometown Pizzeria Icon

Fernando Riccioni became a partner with the founder of Wedgewood Pizza in the late 1960s and built it into a beloved brand known for the Brier Hill style of pizza. In a Facebook tribute, Riccioni’s family said the pizza patriarch’s “love for his business and his customers was never-ending.” Related: Domino’s … More


Pizza Innovator James Fox Jr. Passes Away at 74

James Fox Jr., the founder of the Fox’s Pizza Den chain, passed away on May 21 after battling complications from a March 2021 car accident. Fox built his first pizza oven from spare parts he found in a junkyard and, in later years, helped with the development of the first … More


Dom DeMarco of Di Fara Pizza Passes Away at 85

Dom DeMarco founded Di Fara Pizza in 1965 and became one of the world’s best-known pizzaiolos, personally handcrafting each and every pie to his own specifications. “Pizza has become a fast food,” he once told the New York Times. “My pizza is slow food. If I made it fast, it … More

this photo shows Rocco and Nancy Palese, who claimed they invented the Chicago stuffed crust pizza style

Stuffed-Pizza Pioneer Nancy Palese Dies at 87

Nancy Palese, who cofounded Nancy’s Pizzeria with her husband, Rocco, in the early 1970s, helped pioneer the Chicago stuffed pizza style. Nancy’s Pizzeria says Rocco invented the stuffed pizza when he set out to create a deep-dish version based on his mother’s Easter Pie. Related: How to make one of … More


Steven Balasco, Owner of Balasco’s Pizza, Dies from COVID-19

Steven Balasco spent his childhood in a wheelchair and leg braces but later shed them to become a physically active business owner and community leader. After Balasco went to the hospital with COVID-19, his family and friends launched the Balasco Strong Campaign in his honor to promote acts of kindness. Steven … More


Jeffrey Bajalieh of Slice Pizza & Brew Passed Away on Dec. 18

Jeff Bajalieh became one of Domino’s youngest franchisees before opening Slice Pizza & Brew with his brothers in 2010. Slice is famous for its Soul Pie, a southern-gourmet pizza topped with sausage, black-eyed peas and turnip greens, among other ingredients. Related: Slice Pizza & Brew makes every night a Friday … More


Arthur Galea, Founder of G’s Pizzeria, Dies at 96

Arthur Galea, the founder of G’s Pizzeria, is remembered by his family as a man of “faith, honor and commitment.” After his wife Sharon’s death in 2010, Galea honored her every year with a 400,000-light Christmas display at their home in West Branch Township. Related: Gary Bimonte, grandson of Frank … More

this is a photo of Gary Bimonte, who carried on the legacy of Frank Pepe in terms of New Haven-style pizza

Gary Bimonte, Grandson of Frank Pepe, Dies of a Heart Attack

Gary Bimonte was the youngest grandson of legendary pizzaiolo Frank Pepe, founder of Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana. Bimonte spearheaded the Frank Pepe brand’s expansion and continued his grandfather’s legacy of delicious New Haven-style pizza. Related: How Frank Pepe’s chooses its tomatoes Gary Bimonte, the Connecticut pizzaiolo who carried his legendary … More