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WinCup Unveils Marine- and Soil-Biodegradable Straws

WinCup, a leading manufacturer of disposable foodservice to-go ware, is launching Phade, a new line of straws and stirrers made from Danimer Scientific’s Nodax PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate). Nodax PHA is derived from canola oil and is a marine-biodegradable, soil-biodegradable, and home-compostable material. WinCup is the first manufacturer in the U.S. to … More

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Japanese Pizza Chain Brandishes a Gargantuan Pizza Sandwich

Aiko’s Pizza, a national pizza chain across Japan, doesn’t shy away from odd pies like the Potato Special featuring “plenty of potatoes and mayonnaise,” Ham Corn with “plenty of sweet corn,” and its original Chicken Terriyaki. Now its name is splashed across national headlines for its newest concoction: Nikku Mountain … More

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Pizza with a Personality: Tsundere Pie Is a Scorcher

Have you ever loved and feared something, even at the same time? Something you know you adore, even when it could bring you stomach-wrenching pain? More specifically, we’re thinking about the new Tsundere Pizza by Domino’s Japan. Every anime fanatic will recognize that name: Tsundere is a Japanese term for … More