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In Lehmann's terms

Question: We're planning to change the size of our large pizza from 16-inches to 18-inches. How much dough should we use for this size? Answer:  This is a very commonly asked question, which is easily answered through the use of a little basic high school math. The math involved here … More

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The craft of crust

Question: Why do I hear so much negativity regarding the use of par-baked pizza crusts? Answer: I think much of that negativity comes from the fact that par-baked crusts have been around and in general use for many years. This is the type of crust that puts frozen pizzas in … More

Chef Santo Bruno

What is pizza?

I just returned from Italy, and being in the pizza business I was wandering from one pizza shop to another, always looking for a good pie. After experiencing several different establishments, I came to the conclusion that I prefer American-style pizza. It is my opinion that the U.S. has a … More

Chef Santo Bruno

What’s with the wood…dough boxes

PMQ has received many emails and calls about the wood dough boxes seen in most of the articles about New York pizzerias. As a result, Tom Boyles asked me to share my knowledge on this subject. Wood boxes were around long before plastic and metal…they were the first type of … More

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The right recipes for delicious dough

Question: I’m producing my thick crust pizzas using a par-baked crust I make. I’m having a problem with the crust not browning very well when it is baked in our oven as a complete pizza. Answer: There are several things that might be responsible for the crust not browning properly … More

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A breakdown of pizza nutrition

From time to time, I get a question regarding how to make pizza a healthier food. It seems that healthy eating is all the rage these days, and rightfully so. With our aging population and reports of overweight youngsters, we really should take greater care in selecting the foods that … More

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How cheesy can you be

In order to make a pizza you must have three basic ingredients; dough, sauce and cheese. The rest is optional. Many pizza makers attempt to improve their pizza by creating a better crust, adding seasonings to the sauce or trying different combinations of toppings. How many have tried to improve … More

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What's the Deal with DiGiorno's?

It's not delivery, it's DiGiorno's. Almost everyone has heard this famous tag line, even those not in the pizza business…your customers.       "It is one of the most brilliant tag lines I think that has ever been developed," Deanie Elsner, senior brand manager for DiGiorno, said. "It completely capsulates everything … More