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Quad Cities-Style Pizza: Tinkering With Tradition

You don’t see it too often, but sometimes a pizza style from a specific region will start to transform into a new creation. As new pizzeria owners enter the scene, new toppings pop up, healthier recipe tweaks and specialties may take hold, and chefs even rethink their ways of cutting … More


The Pizza Kitchen – Lemon Jubilee Beignets

Brian Hernandez visited Panini Pete's in Fairhope, Alabama. Pete Blohme was kind enough to share his special recipe for lemon jubilee beignets. Now you too can try this recipe in your own kitchen! Makes a great appetizer or seasonal menu item. LEMON “JUBILEE” BEIGNETS Yield: Makes approximately 24- depending … More


The Pizza Kitchen: Quad Cities-Style Pizza

  Chef Brian Hernandez tries out a recipe for Quad Cities-style pizza from Uncle Bill’s Pizza in Davenport, Iowa. Originating in the Quad Cities region of Iowa and Illinois, this pie has a darker, sweeter and thinner crust, a thick, feisty sauce and a finished product that’s cut into … More


Pizza: Roots & Routes – Detroit

  In PMQ's new documentary series, "Pizza: Roots & Routes," we will be exploring different regional pizza styles and the people and cultures behind them. Our inaugural episode focuses on the origins of the Detroit-style pizza. Be sure to also check out the feature article in the December 2018 issue … More