Chef Santo Bruno

Gnocchetti Enicina

Hello, readers! I recently made a trip to Italy and visited my family in Palermo. What a beautiful city! My brother is a master chef there and also teaches culinary classes. We had a wonderful visit, and we put our heads together while I was there and made this … More

Chef Santo Bruno

Osso Buco

I recently stopped in to see my dear old friend, Nick Maccarone, at his popular restaurant, Carnival (, in Port Jefferson Station, New York. Nick is a self-made man who has owned Carnival for 42 years—it has become the local restaurant and pizzeria of choice in the community. He attributes … More

Dough Information Center

Video: Tom Lehmann’s Emergency Dough Recipe

Are you heading into a rush hour without all the pizza dough you need to satisfy those customers? Tom “The Dough Doctor” Lehmann has helped pizzeria operators deal with this problem for decades. In this PMQ exclusive video, Lehmann visited PMQ’s test kitchen and shared an emergency dough recipe with … More

Chef Santo Bruno

Puglia Potato Pizza

Hello, my readers! Here’s a pizza recipe that features potatoes, anchovies, capers and other unusual ingredients—and I think you’re going to like it. How did the idea for this recipe come about? A friend and I were out having a drink one night and started talking about—you guessed it—pizza! … More