Map it

In the past few years, GPS systems have changed the way people fi nd their favorite pizza and, in some instances, how pizzerias fi nd new customers. While up until recently this technology may have been a delivery driver’s tool, you can also think of GPS as a tool to enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction. In the … More


Media savvy

You have a brand. You have a design and image. Now you need to simply pick the best advertising outlets to increase sales, hit the target audience, stay on budget and show measurable results. If you’re working on your own, you may be looking at a project that has more layers than you expected. To plan and … More


Keep your cool

Frozen produce and improperly refrigerated meats can cost your pizzeria money in both wasted inventory and poor customer satisfaction. Ensuring you have the right type and amount  of refrigerated storage can help reduce these losses. Refrigeration options for a pizzeria encompass three units: walk-in, reach-in and refrigerated prep tables. “In a typical … More


The right mix

Before you can roll it, top it and bake it, you need to prepare enough dough to meet your customers’ demands. Keeping production on schedule starts by choosing a mixer that can handle all of your needs, in terms of both size and function. Three types of mixers are designed to handle large volumes of dense … More

Partner Spotlights

The superior interior

So you’re ready to redesign your restaurant, you’re opening restaurant number two or  you’re just getting started. How do you make sure that you set your business up in the most efficient means possible?   PMQ’s latest installment of our Info Center takes you backstage in design school to show you … More


Basic equipment

  In order to make “window shopping” a little easier, you may CLICK HERE for a list of resources. Refrigeration Refrigeration comes in a variety of choices. First things first: new versus used. Both have pros and cons. Should you buy new equipment, you usually also buy a warranty from … More

Partner Spotlights

PMQ’s oven review

It’s your lifeline. It can make or break you, add ambiance or simply be a workhorse. Choosing the right oven is like choosing a spouse. It’s a decision you will have to live with unless you’re willing to deal with the headache of finding a replacement. Well, think of PMQ … More


PMQ’s oven information

AMANA   Amana adds a twist to the oven scene with its Convection Express™ oven. The oven, which combines 475 degrees of convection cooking and 1,000 watts of microwave heating to speed up the process, boasts a 1.2 cubic foot capacity and 100 programmable menu items. The oven lists for … More