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Product Spotlight – August 2014

Getting Smarter With uZAPPit Smart Tags, pizzeria operators can print a full-color image on one side and a QR code on the other, highlighting a special offer, landing page, event, etc. It’s a cool, high-tech way to market to smartphone users and capture their digital data (name, mobile number … More

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Product Spotlight – June-July 2014

Ready to Upgrade? Featuring WOW! 2 technology, Middleby Marshall’s new PS360G conveyor oven was designed for operators who want to replace their existing PS360/350 ovens with a similarly sized bake chamber and updated cooking technologies. The upgrade allows operators to cook 30% faster than standard conveyor ovens while saving … More


Creating Perfect Pizzas With Wood- and Coal-Fired Ovens

From firing up pizzas over a bed of black-diamond coal to rotating authentic Neapolitan pies in wood-burning ovens, many operators today have embraced labor-intensive cooking methods that require the utmost care and specialized know-how. And, with more customers today demanding foods that tout a handmade touch, these operators are attracting … More

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Product Spotlight – May 2014

Squared Away Square offers simple, transparent, low pricing: 2.75% per swipe for every credit card. There are no listing fees, per-item fees, monthly minimums or long-term contracts. Custom-order modifiers, customizable kitchen tickets and other features increase accuracy and decrease wait times. And the rich analytics help operators make efficient … More


Hot Products at NAPICS 2014

Linda's Picks LoTech Sales I was instantly drawn in to the LoTech booth by Bev’s contagious smile and their unique offerings. LoTech is known for their imprinted plastic utensils customized with your business logo to use in-house or as giveaways. Their latest line includes beautiful laser-printed bamboo tongs, spoons, spatulas … More

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Product Spotlight – April 2014

Don’t Forget Your Jacket! The Small Sandwich Jacket is Bag Solutions’ best thermal delivery bag for hot or cold food. It’s great for ice cream, sandwiches, salads, wings and other small items. Packed with poly batting thermal insulation, an easy-to-clean lining, a divider board and two large side pockets for … More

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Product Spotlight – March 2014

Harvesting Success Craft unique pizzas that keep customers coming back for more with Tampa Maid Fried Green Tomatoes, one of five new, freshly picked and lightly dipped vegetable and fruit products recently added to Tampa Maid’s Harvest Creations lineup. Order a free sample to learn how these creations can become … More