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Product Spotlight-March 2019

Portion PeeL The Portion PeeL has it all: accuracy, consistency and a return on investment. It gives wood peel users a more accurate and consistent way to stretch dough. Its laser-etched measuring circles are custom-made to each customer’s pizza sizes, preventing overstretching dough, ensuring more accurate and consistent crusts, … More


Modern POS Systems Can Help You Boost Customer Interaction and Satisfaction

Today’s customers crave more authentic connections to brands, receiving personalized communications and offers, feeling their feedback is valued, and being rewarded for their loyalty. Luckily, modern technology can help: Today’s POS systems allow you to track, analyze and act on consumer behavior more comprehensively than ever before—from what they’re … More


Try Out These Pizza Recipes Dreamed Up by a Computer

Pizza-making robots won’t be taking over restaurant kitchens anytime soon, but, thanks to researchers at MIT, pizza makers can collaborate on unusual recipes with an artificial-intelligence (AI) program called Strono. Strono is a recurrent neural network developed as part of the ridiculously cool  How to Generate (Almost) Anything Project. MIT … More

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Product Spotlight: September 2018

Innovative Consumer Solutions Innovative Consumer Solutions has developed a patent-pending disposable pizza spatula and cutter, which can be integrated into a corrugated box and used as a serving and cutting tool. The spatula sits flat on any pizza box and has perforations around the device allowing the consumer to easily … More


Scientists Try to Prove Why Wood-Burning Ovens are Best

  Does pizza naturally cook better in a certain type of oven? Was pizza always intended to be cooked in a wood-burning oven? This is precisely what a three physicists in Rome, Italy, are attempting to prove in their 10-page scientific abstract paper called “The Physics of Baking Good … More

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Product Spotlight: January-February 2018

San Benito Pear Tomato Strips New from Neil Jones Food Company, the San Benito Pear Tomato Strips are 100% fresh-packed from vine-ripened California pear tomatoes. Hand-picked, fresh basil enhances the strip’s already amazing flavor, and the soft texture (no added calcium chloride) provides a handcrafted look and feel that’s perfect … More