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How to make a tastier calzone

Q: We’d like to add calzones to our menu. Can we use our regular pizza dough, or do we need to make special dough just for the calzones? A: Some industry experts recommend a different dough for calzones—typically a richer one made with eggs and a higher fat level—but … More

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Adding Yeast to Your Dough Mix

Q: What’s the best way to add yeast during the dough mixing process?​ A: Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the basics of dough production. In the coming months, I plan to address many of these questions, one at a time, in this space. Yeast is an essential … More

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Adding a Breakfast Item to Your Menu

Q: We have a small store in a high-traffic location and would like to offer an early-morning breakfast item. Any suggestions? A: How about a small, individual-size breakfast pizza or breakfast calzone? To make a breakfast pizza, size your dough to make a 6” or 8” pizza (thin crust … More