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The Three Common Causes of Soggy Pizza

Most customers get peeved when their pizza turns soggy. That can happen for any number of reasons, but there are three issues that most likely cause the problem. The most common cause: Failure to allow the pie to “steam off” when it emerges from the oven. Related: How to create … More

Tom Lehmann

10 tips for adding a take-and-bake option

What changes do I need to make to my dough formula and procedure for a take-and-bake pie?   To make a pretty decent take-and-bake pizza using your existing formula, you just need to make the following changes: 1. Reduce the dough absorption by 2% compared to what you use for your … More

Tom Lehmann

What’s the best way to prevent pizza peel stick?

Q How can we keep our pizzas from sticking to the peel?   A There are several things you can do about this problem, but start by making sure you’re using the right peel. Pizza peels come in two styles: metal and wood/composite. The wood/composite peel is the correct peel to … More

Tom Lehmann

Pizza-making tip: How to prevent the dreaded cheese slip

Q Our customers occasionally complain about the cheese sliding off their pizzas when they take a bite. How do we prevent this?   A Research has identified several factors responsible for the dreaded cheese slip. They include: 1. Too much sauce. In this case, the cheese is practically floating … More