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Creating a Lighter Deep-Dish Pizza Crust

Try using flour with a lower protein content, such as an all-purpose flour or H&R, a winter wheat bread flour. By mixing your regular pizza flour with an all-purpose flour, you can create a flour blend that works well for your specific application and shop conditions. Related: How to solve … More


Born to Bake: A Fond Remembrance of Tom Lehmann

In memory of the late Tom Lehmann, PMQ is reposting this feature profile of the one and only “Dough Doctor” from our January-February 2015 issue. Lehmann, a trusted expert on pizza dough and everything related to baking, passed away from COVID-19 on December 12, 2020. By Rick Hynum Tom Lehmann … More

Tom Lehmann: In Lehmann's Terms

How to Achieve the Perfect Dough Mix

To make sure your dough has been properly mixed, use the dough’s appearance as a guide. There are exceptions, though, for emergency dough and frozen dough. Related: Try this recipe for a Crispy Pepperoni and Egg Breakfast Pizza Question: How do I know when my dough has been properly mixed? Answer: The … More

this photo shows eggs being added to pizza dough
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Should I Add Eggs to My Pizza Dough?

Eggs can improve browning in your pizza crust, but does the cost outweigh the benefits? Although adding egg whites can yield a crispier crust, simply baking the pizza for a minute or so longer will usually give you the same results. Related: How to achieve the right dough temperature for … More