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How to Par-Bake Crusts in an Air Impingement Oven

Q: What are the secrets of achieving a pocket-free par-baked crust with an air impingement oven?   A: Par-baking a pizza crust in an air impingement oven can be a dicey proposition, thanks to the high-velocity airflow to the top and bottom of the crust. This can lead to the … More

Tom Lehmann

Quick-Fire Questions with The Dough Doctor

I tried making my pizza dough using malt syrup rather than the usual white sugar but, over time, my dough became very sticky. Is there a solution? You are most likely using a diastatic malt syrup, which is enzyme-active and is nothing more than a malt-flavored sugar syrup. The … More

Tom Lehmann

The Dough Doctor Tackles Effective Dough Management Strategies

Dough management is an all-inclusive term used to encompass everything we do to the dough, from the time we begin mixing the ingredients until it is finally opened into pizza skins or formed into another product (breadsticks, garlic knots, calzones, etc.). Effective dough management means identifying the parameters necessary for … More

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How to Make Whole-Wheat Pizza Dough

If you’re looking to add healthier pizzas to your menu, whole-wheat crusts may be the answer. One slice of whole-wheat pizza dough offers four grams of fiber, or 10% of the recommended daily intake of fiber for men and 15% for women. Whole wheat is also a good source of … More

Tom Lehmann

Getting a Better Bake With Air Impingement Ovens

Q: We switched to an air impingement oven but can’t get a good, balanced bake between the top and bottom of our pizzas. Why?   A: Your question is a fairly common one. I assume you’ve already worked with the baking time and temperature and made sure the oven … More