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How to Make Whole-Wheat Pizza Dough

If you’re looking to add healthier pizzas to your menu, whole-wheat crusts may be the answer. One slice of whole-wheat pizza dough offers four grams of fiber, or 10% of the recommended daily intake of fiber for men and 15% for women. Whole wheat is also a good source of … More

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10 tips for adding a take-and-bake option

What changes do I need to make to my dough formula and procedure for a take-and-bake pie?   To make a pretty decent take-and-bake pizza using your existing formula, you just need to make the following changes: 1. Reduce the dough absorption by 2% compared to what you use for your … More


Go For The Dough: How to Make Detroit-Style Pizza Dough

Detroit-style pizza may be square, but it’s hotter than ever, as evidenced by Pizza Hut’s recent foray into the Motor City movement. “Detroit-style pizza is more than a trend—it’s a tradition,” says Burton Heiss, CEO of Buddy’s Pizza in Farmington Hills, Michigan, where the pizza style originated. “Michigan families … More