Tom Lehmann: In Lehmann's Terms

Alternatives to the Standard Dough Box

Q: What are some viable alternatives to standard dough boxes? A: Last month, we discussed using dough boxes for storing dough balls. Now let’s explore other options. We’ll start with standard aluminum bakery-sheet pans, which typically measure 18” by 26”. Like dough boxes, they must be used correctly for best … More

Tom Lehmann: In Lehmann's Terms

The Secrets of Instant Dry Yeast

Q: We normally use fresh yeast, but our supplier recently told us that only instant dry yeast will be available. We’ve never used instant dry yeast before. What do we need to know about this type of yeast when formulating dough for our pizza operation? A: Instant dry yeast—or IDY, … More

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The Power of ’00’ Flour

We hear a lot about “00” flours these days and how they make great pizzas. Some pizzeria owners believe that simply switching over to a “00” flour will make their pizzas superior or, at least, better than they already are. I’m sorry to say that isn’t necessarily the case. “00” … More