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How to Make Whole-Wheat Pizza Dough

If you’re looking to add healthier pizzas to your menu, whole-wheat crusts may be the answer. One slice of whole-wheat pizza dough offers four grams of fiber, or 10% of the recommended daily intake of fiber for men and 15% for women. Whole wheat is also a good source of … More

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The secrets of effective dough docking

Q: What is dough docking, and why is it important?   A: There are misconceptions regarding just what dough docking is and how it works to help control bubbling of the dough. Done correctly, docking is pretty effective at reducing the bubble formation in the dough, but done incorrectly, much … More

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The Three Common Causes of Soggy Pizza

Q: Our pizzas become soggy soon after baking, and our delivery and carryout customers have been complaining. What can we do to get a consistently crispier pizza?   A: This is one of those questions that I get a lot. Pizza can become soggy shortly after baking for any … More