this is a photo of a restaurant sign that reads closed due to coronavirus
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Has the Steep Decline in Restaurant Sales Bottomed Out?

A report by Black Box Intelligence, an analytics company based in Dallas, reveals a glimmer of hope for restaurateurs losing business to the coronavirus pandemic: Same-store sales, although still down dramatically, improved by 4.7 percent in the week ended April 5. The report also found that pizzerias are doing better … More

Coronavirus News

10 Tips for Marketing Your Pizza Restaurant in a Lockdown

In a previous article, we posted some tips for shifting your restaurant operations to generate new streams of revenue during the coronavirus lockdown. Today, we’re going to talk a little more about marketing your business during this pandemic. Here are some ideas for effectively getting your product and business in … More

Coronavirus News

This Major City Put a Cap on Third-Party Delivery Commissions

As many third-party delivery platforms continue to charge hefty commission fees to pizzerias and other restaurants struggling with declining sales, the city of San Francisco has stepped in with a new mandate: These companies can charge no more than 15% commission to restaurants during the coronavirus pandemic. Mayor London Breed … More