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Restaurant Employment Falls to Lowest Level Since Late 1980s

The restaurant industry lost more than three decades of jobs in the last two months, according to a National Restaurant Association analysis of preliminary data released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Eating and drinking places—which are the primary component of the total restaurant and foodservice industry—lost 5.5 million jobs … More

this photo shows a chef at Black Sheep Restaurants, which is offering tips for reopening your rstaurant
Coronavirus News

Should Restaurant Guests Have to Sign a Health Declaration Form?

A Hong Kong-based hospitality company has some suggestions for how American restaurateurs can reopen for business during the coronavirus pandemic—including a “health declaration form” that all guests must sign before they can enter the restaurant. Founded in 2012 by Syed Asim Hussain and Christopher Mark, Black Sheep Restaurants operates 23 … More

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Coronavirus Resources for Pizzeria Owners

Here’s some important resources for keeping your shop profitable during the coming months: 1. PMQ Survey of 500 Pizza Operators See how your feelings and situation compare to your fellow pizza operators. SURVEY SHOWS: most are cautious yet optimistic and have found ways to stay open for business. • May 1, … More

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Paycheck Protection Program Is Open for Business Again

Pizzeria owners and other restaurateurs can once again apply for federal loans under the Paycheck Protection Program as of Monday, April 27, according to a statement from the Small Business Administration and the Treasury Department. And those who have already applied will not have to apply again, the statement noted. … More

this photo shows a sign that stresses social distancing, an essential practice for restaurants reopening for business during the pandemic
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How to Reopen Your Restaurant During Coronavirus Pandemic

As several southern states—including Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee—get ready to reopen their economies even as the coronavirus pandemic continues, some restaurant operators have the opportunity to resume dine-in services within mandated or recommended limitations. The National Restaurant Association has issued guidance to help restaurants reopen for business while adhering … More