this photo shows a delicious pizza made in a conveyor oven

Idiot-Proof Ovens: Why Conveyors Remain a Popular Choice for Pizzerias

By Tracy Morin It’s easy to see why conveyor ovens remain a popular choice among pizzerias. They’ve been vastly improved over the years to offer consistent, high-quality performance, and they’re practically idiot-proof to operate—especially important when dealing with unskilled staff members. “Employees can prepare a lot of pizzas with minimal … More

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The Secrets of Instant Dry Yeast

Q: We normally use fresh yeast, but our supplier recently told us that only instant dry yeast will be available. We’ve never used instant dry yeast before. What do we need to know about this type of yeast when formulating dough for our pizza operation? A: Instant dry yeast—or IDY, … More

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Turn Down the Heat for a Better Pizza Sauce

The tomato is a little red miracle. A nutritional powerhouse, it provides antioxidants and protection against cancer and strengthens the heart. It can even prevent constipation. And the best tomatoes are positively loaded with flavor. A high-quality tomato packs five tastants—sweet, sour, salty, bitter and savory—into every bite. In short, … More

Gail Churinetz of Gail’s Pizza Parties made a classic New Haven Tomato Pie during her visit to the PMQ Test Kitchen.
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The Mystique and Magic of New Haven-Style Pizza

Founded 360 years ago by the Puritans, New Haven, Connecticut, bills itself as the birthplace of the hamburger, but it’s also home to some of the best pizza on the planet. According to local legend, New Haven-style pizza originated in the early 1920s, when Neapolitan immigrant Frank Pepe began baking … More