Amadeus Pizza: Grand on the island

Taking over an existing pizzeria has built in advantages – and disadvantages – and making an existing place your own can be quite a challenge. If the existing operation was a success, then the new owner may want to only consider minimal changes. If the store was struggling, the new … More



In the crowded world of New York pizza, making a name for yourself is such a challenge that it led Rob Cascarino to serve his pizza on a diamond – a baseball diamond. “Cascarino’s is the official pizza of the New York Mets,” this Queens, N.Y. native says proudly. “After … More



To have an Extremely successful restaurant you need Extremely good employees, products and ideas and an owner with an Extreme vision. This is exactly what Todd Parent, owner of the Extreme Pizza company in San Francisco, California, had in mind when he opened his first location in 1994. His concept … More


Getting and paying attention to customers

When we profiled the father and four sons of Flyers Pizza in the Spring '99 issue of PMQ we hadn't realized that we were only scratching the surface of a goldmine of pizza business ideas. Between the five members of the Ulrey family, someone is always coming up with a … More