this photo shows how an appealing layout can boost catering sales
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8 Ways to Boost Catering Sales in 2020

How to boost catering sales – it’s a year-round challenge for pizza restaurants. The holiday season offers a big opportunity, thanks to office parties, sporting events and other occasions, but you don’t want to stop there. Delving into the PMQ archive of catering articles, we’ve put together some quick tips … More

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7 Tips for Better Beverage Sales

Man cannot live on pizza alone. At the very least, your customers need a tasty, refreshing beverage to go with it. But too many pizzeria operators treat their beverage programs as afterthoughts—if they think about them at all. Fortunately, there are some easy things you can do to increase … More

This photo shows a big crowd in an ideal location for a pizzeria
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How to Find the Perfect Location for a Pizzeria

Selling pizza is a dream come true for many small business owners. However, while plenty of pizza businesses are thriving, others are not doing as well. Why the difference? One explanation is location. In an increasingly competitive and value-oriented marketplace, having great food and outstanding customer service isn’t good enough. … More

Eye on the Chains

Eye on the Chains: November 2019

Can Rob Lynch Turn Papa John’s Around? Rob Lynch worked miracles at underdog fast-food chain Arby’s when he came on board in 2013. Can he do the same for Papa John’s? The pizza company hired Lynch as its new CEO in August after Steve Ritchie, who replaced ousted founder John … More


SmartMarket: Italforni Helps Reinvent C-Store Pizza

Pizza isn’t hard to find in a convenience store—high-quality pizza is a different matter altogether. But Dave Carpenter, president/CEO of J.D. Carpenter Companies, is working to change that with help from oven manufacturer Italforni USA. Carpenter’s company has partnered with 7-Eleven, Inc., to create a new type of convenience store—called … More


SmartMarket: Unlock New Growth With Uber Eats

Are you ready to upgrade your delivery program? Uber Eats can take you to the next level, offering flexible delivery solutions that work with your restaurant, not against it, and potentially expanding your brand’s reach to thousands of new customers in your area. The demand for delivery is rising among all age … More