the grinch stands in front of the window of Antonino's Ristorante holding a logged pizza box

How The Grinch Saved Christmas at Antonino’s Ristorante

Getting your pizza delivered by The Grinch, a promo dreamed up during the pandemic by the owners of Antonino’s Ristorante, will make your heart grow three sizes bigger. Antonino’s has earned major TV coverage and social media buzz for the character, who has delivered pies for the restaurant every December … More

Billy Manzo

Billy Manzo’s 10 Tips for Pizzeria Marketing and Operations

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared in the November 2016 issue of PMQ Pizza Magazine. We republish it today because it’s still chockful of good advice. By Steve Green, PMQ Publisher A former tobacconist and brewer turned dough wholesaler and pizzaiolo, William “Billy” Manzo Jr. knows his way around human … More