From the Editor

December 2018: The 2019 Pizza Power Report and more!

Happy December, pizza nation! Addressing our readers as “pizza nation” has become a “thing” with me, and I thought I would delve into that further. Oxford Dictionaries defines “nation” as “a large body of people united by common descent, history, culture or language, inhabiting a particular state or territory.” … More


The 2019 Pizza Power Report

  PMQ is pleased to share a few highlights of the 2019 Pizza Power Report. Be sure to read the full Pizza Power Report in the December 2018 issue of PMQ Pizza Magazine. It provides valuable insights into changes in the marketplace, consumer and technology trends, and the state … More

Business & Marketing

Tips on Attracting Quality Employees

Boston09: When I’m looking to hire, I post ads on Craigslist and get two replies! Even if I give the store’s phone number, no one calls. What’s the next step to get applicants? Should I promise a signup bonus? Post “help wanted” signs? Go to the local recreation department … More

Accounting For Your Money

What to Do When You Get a Letter From the IRS

If there was a contest for the most dreaded piece of mail, letters from the IRS would win, hands down, every time. These unassuming envelopes have most people yelling profanities before they even begin to tear the paper to reveal what’s inside. The good news is, there are many reasons that the IRS and … More

From the Editor

Chicago is my kind of town

My first visit to Chicago was in 1992, when I was a graduate student at Northern Illinois University. Three of my friends and I packed up the car and made the one-hour trek into the city to hear a performance by the Chicago Symphony. I fell in love with … More

Marketing Idea Zone

Idea Zone: Pizza Peel to Printing Press

“I want to help out pizzerias. I know what it was like getting marketing dollars together. I know what the pizza guys are looking for.” Wise words from Chris Walters, a proven winner in the pizza industry. Walters now takes his 25-year pizza experience and “do anything for you” … More