Cascarinos – hits it out of the ballpark

According to a news report from, “People remembering the $5.50 slices of Cascarino’s pizza they bought at Shea Stadium are in for a real surprise when they visit Cascarino’s Pizzeria and Ristorante in Bayside.”

“In addition to superb thin-crust pizza which stands up to delivery (it’s cooked the traditional way, on the oven stone rather than on a steel screen, for crispier crust) there’s an extensive selection of truly traditional dishes from all parts of Italy, and more,” said the story. “Owner Jimmy Coady (a Fazzalari on his mother’s side) grew up as the rare freckled Sicilian kid in Harlem, Astoria and College Point, having known the Cascarinos “since we were kids.” He now owns the Whitestone and Bayside locations and employs many of his grandmother’s recipes in the restaurants.”

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