Caputo: Crafting Customized Distinction for Pizza Restaurants

Every restaurant owner, chef and line cook knows that before that first bite is taken, you eat with your eyes. That is especially true in today’s Instagram-focused foodie climate. Your dish has to not only taste good on the plate, but it needs to have that ’gram-worthy appeal to bring customers in the door. 

In addition to plate appeal and exceptional taste profiles, operators are also looking for multiple formats, innovative formulations and customized distinction in their ingredients. To fulfill their needs, operators seek out manufacturers with the experience and passion to create authentic products that best fit their culinary visions.

Founded in 1978 by René and Pasquale Caputo, many industry-savvy clients are choosing Caputo Cheese, headquartered in Melrose Park, Illinois, as their manufacturer of choice. Offering countless and diverse types of cheese from all over the world, Caputo offers its customers authentic Italian cheeses—from its award-winning Mozzarella, Ricotta and Burrata made at the Melrose Park facility to customized blends of imported and domestic Parmesan, Pecorino Romano, Asiago, and the brand-new Truffle Fresh Mozzarella, made with real black truffle pieces instead of truffle salt and truffle oil, which is more commonly found. Caputo has the experience, passion, and commitment to client satisfaction to create ingredients to your specifications and to work with you on new flavors and formulas. 

Caputo is an expert in formulating the perfect cheese blend for any application and is also known for its award-winning fresh Mozzarella line. Most recently, Caputo won awards at the U.S. Championship Cheese Contest for its Hand-Dipped Ricotta, Burrata and Nodini. By listening to their customers, the Caputo team considers flavor, functionality, cost and appearance when crafting their customized solutions. The Caputo team determines the best cheese for an operator without sacrificing the quality, cost or flavor of the finished result.

Leading industry cheese manufacturers like Caputo can deliver the quality, flavor and consistency that operators demand. In turn, operators are empowered to deliver exceptional and distinctive eating experiences to their guests.

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