Caputo Cheese Launches New “Caprese” Slices

Melrose Park, Ill. (August 15, 2013) – Caputo Cheese, manufacturer and processor of fine Italian cheeses, announced the debut of their newest Fresh Mozzarella product, Caprese Slices. These pre-cut, thicker-style slices offer convenience, fresh quality and consistent size every time.

“After the successful launch of our 1 oz. Fettine slice back in 2005, we always knew that we would have to accommodate the consumer with a thicker slice,” said Natale Caputo, president of Caputo Cheese. “So, we introduce the Caprese slice.”

Manufactured at their processing plant in Melrose Park, IL, Caputo Caprese Slices offer the perfect size and thickness for Caprese Salads. The product is available in a 1.31-pound (15/1.4 oz. slices) vacuum package without water. This product joins Caputo Cheese’s existing 1 ounce Fresh Mozzarella Slices, as well as a large line of other Fresh Mozzarella products ranging in size from pearl to log-sized. “The Caprese slice, at exactly 1.4 oz., is the perfect size for that garden grown beefsteak tomato,” said Caputo. “Furthermore, we have improved our packaging which allows a clear distinction of each individual slice. The Caprese slice is one of our finest Caputo products yet.”

Wiscon Corporation, owner of Caputo Cheese and Caputo Cheese Markets, has been a family tradition since 1978. The company offers a full line of award-winning Caputo Fresh Mozzarella, as well as a variety of other fine cheeses including Parmesan, Romano and Asiago. Additional products include spices, vinegars, oils and pastas.

Wiscon Corporation encompasses numerous divisions including: Caputo Cheese Boston, Caputo Cheese San Francisco, Caputo Cheese Milwaukee, Caputo Foods, as well as two Caputo Cheese Markets. Wiscon Corporation Headquarters are located at 2050 N. 15th Ave., Melrose Park, IL 60160. For more information, call 708-450-0074, or visit