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( CHICAGO, IL ) The Capone family name is known the world over. It’s history and infamy are notorious and yet many secrets remain. After more than eighty years, one of the Capone family secrets has finally been revealed.

During the 1920’s Al Capone was hounded by the Feds who hoped to seize the notorious gangster’s inventory of illegal alcohol. With Capone always one step ahead of the law, they were frustrated at every turn. Only one item was found in every single raid and it wasn’t booze. It was Chicago’s authentic pasta sauce, the “Capone Family Secret.” The secret recipe was never made public. It has remained confidential for the last eight decades. Until now.

"DominicThanks to Dominic Capone, great-nephew of Al, the Capone Family recipe for pasta sauce is now available to the public. The actor has played his infamous great-uncle on television and is now prepared to follow Al into the culinary world.

“The Capone Family Secret has been cloaked long enough. As many people from Chicago know, my great-uncle fed the homeless through food banks he set up in the region. Now I am proud to be able to share this family recipe. We hope to unleash something that will make Chicago famous for something more than wind and Tommy Guns.”

Capone Family Secret is proud to announce that their authentic Pasta sauce products are now available at Jewel-Osco stores in the greater Chicago area. Offering a variety of flavors including Marinara, Tomato & Basil, Vodka and Arriabiatta, Capone Family Secret has been selling out at all Jewel-Osco locations. The move happened quickly and everyone involved is excited by the prospects.

"Jewel-Osco"“We are very excited about the deal with Jewel-Osco,” says Dominic Capone. “Typically a small company like ours will place products in a small retail chain and hope it sells. Capone Family Secret is a small company with a globally recognizable name. Being placed in Jewel-Osco and their 190 plus locations is a huge first step, especially for a new product like ours.”


About Dominic Capone III 


"DominicDominic Capone was born and raised on the Chicago’s Southside. An actor with a two dozen credits already under his belt, Dominic recently starred as the mob boss in R Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet” video. He is in production on the feature film “Chicago Overcoat” and has often been called upon to play his infamous great-uncle Al Dominic is now prepared to add culinary entrepreneur to his resume.

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About Capone Family Secret


 Capone Family Secret is Chicago ’s authentic pasta sauce. Using only the finest ingredients Capone Family Secret offers an unforgettable taste that is sure to add zest to any meal. The secret family recipe has been kept under wraps for generations and is finally available at finer foot outlets worldwide.