""According to TMCNet.com, "Pizza’s a good thing. Delivered pizza’s an even better thing. The iPhone’s a good thing. So you’d expect an iPhone app letting your order pizza would be, by definition, a good thing."

Officials of Plastic Mobile say they’ve joined with Pizza Pizza, a Canadian pizza chain, as their “mobile agency.” Part of the reason for that is to build and launch an iPhone app for Pizza Pizza to let customers order pizza.

It’s a free app, naturally, available for all iPhone models, the iPod Touch, and the iPad, Plastic Mobile officials say. But it does more than simply alert Pizza Pizza that you’re hungry. The app “will let users build the pizza of their dreams, a half order of ham & pineapple and the other half Italian sausage, extra mushrooms, no cheese, and easy on the sauce,” for example: Want your pizza gluten-free? Yep, the app’s for that as well.

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