Can One Person Eat A 6-Pound Pizza? It’s The Maximus Challenge

""According to, “There’s a new eating challenge in Atlanta and one that Nelson’s News on decided to investigate. Max’s Coal Oven Pizzeria in the Luckie-Marietta district in downtown Atlanta now features the Maximus Pizza Challenge.”

“The Maximus Pizza Challenge pits one person versus a 6-pound pizza. Participants have two hours to eat it. Consume it all and the pizza is free. Come up short and the pizza will cost you $60.Meredith Freeman, TJ Callaway and Jumoke Byrd all gave the challenge a try. Freeman trained for the event for several weeks.”I’ve expanded my stomach for the last two weeks,” Freeman said. “I’ve eaten as much as possible. Today, I ate a light breakfast and then I didn’t eat lunch. You’re supposed to drink water right before, I’ve been researching.”While Freeman planned for a few weeks to take part in the challenge, Callaway and Byrd decided at the last minute to try it. Byrd works at Max’s; Freeman called Callaway about an hour before the competition began and convinced him to take part.”