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Can Domino's New Pizza Deliver on Taste?

""According to CBS News, “The next time you order pizza from Domino’s, you may notice something a little different.

“The famous pizza chain has changed their recipe after two years of research – with customers taste testing nearly 50 blends of crust seasoning,15 sauces and dozens of cheeses, reports CBS News correspondent Bianca Solorzano.”

“‘For 50 years we’ve been known for our great delivery. With this new pizza, we’re going to be known for great delivery and having the best tasting pizza,’ Domino’s president Patrick Doyle boasted.”

“Coca-cola infamously changed its recipe in 1985 – they called it New Coke. Consumers called it awful.The difference for Domino’s – a consumer survey ranks Domino’s number one overall, but dead last when it comes to how the pizza tastes.”

Watch Below to see how customers feel about the new Domino’s taste: