According to a news report from, “Changing times and politics in South-East Asia may finally spell extinction for one of the most famous (or infamous) fusion cuisines enjoyed by backpackers, Cambodia’s “happy pizza.”

Legendary amongst travelers for more than a decade, this hippy’s little helper version of pizza is simply the traditional Italian favourite with a Cambodian twist – the rich tomato base comes heavily laced with marijuana,” said the story. “Although officially illegal for several years, locals have traditionally used marijuana in soups or medicinally. Pioneering travelers crossing the Lao-Cambodian border previously even reported a small garden of the stuff being lovingly tended by customs officials. And then foreign inspiration transformed the drug into arguably the world’s most talked-about pizza topping. Dozens of happy pizza parlours sprang up around the country as backpack tourism boomed. But now the Cambodian government’s current battle against drugs has given “pizza wars” a whole new meaning.”

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