“Four Star Restaurant Marketing Cookbook—Recipes for Restaurateurs™”

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San Rafael, Calif. – /PRNewswire/ November 13, 2008 – “Four Star Restaurant Marketing Cookbook—Recipes for Restaurateurs™,” written by Linda Duke, one of the restaurant industry’s foremost marketing experts, and published by Duke Marketing Publishing™, announced today the California Restaurant Association (CRA) will offer the book in their online bookstore with a percentage of proceeds donated to the California Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (CRAEF).  CRA members can purchase the book for $89 and non members $99 online under products and training in the online bookstore at www.calrest.org <http://www.calrest.org/>



Recipes for Restaurateurs provides restaurant owners and operators, chefs and culinary students a 300 page resource of proven marketing tactics in an easy to read recipe format. Recipes for Restaurateurs is a restaurant marketing cookbook which provides the author’s real restaurant case studies and over 250 photos throughout the cookbook illustrating concepts and results.  With actual restaurant results, this cookbook assists readers in understanding how to easily execute their own sales building programs.



Kathie Griley, the California Restaurant Association’s director of industry education stated, “The author of Recipes for Restaurateurs, Linda Duke, CEO of Duke Marketing and member of the Board of Directors of CRAEF, has written a book and marketing tool that I, as an industry trainer, have seen a real need for.  Not only does this book provide operators with ideas for exciting marketing promotions, it includes a guide for training managers and staff about executing these recipes.”



Published in August this year, this new marketing resource contains over 100 field tested tips, tools and tactics of successful marketing recipes (marketing programs), ingredients needed, and directions (a tactical guide), to generate sales, create awareness and build any restaurant brand.  Recipes for Restaurateurs offers step-by-step sales building recipes, from planning, timelines, and supplies, all the way though to execution. 



“I am thrilled to be able to donate a percentage of the sales of my book to the education foundation,” says Duke.  “Most restaurant operators are in need of an all encompassing guide—a real tactical marketing toolkit,”

she continued.  “The biggest challenge restaurant operator’s face is creating, executing and tracking sales driving promotions.  Recipes for Restaurateurs delivers applicable ideas, proven methods, and easy to follow instructions to get results.” 



Several multi-unit California restaurant operators have already purchased the book for their general managers and had Duke provide training.  “Recipes for Restaurateurs is a comprehensive, easy to follow book of effective marketing strategies and is a great tool for our general managers,” says Tom Ferdinandi, executive vice president of Milano Restaurants.  “Ms. Duke trained 65 managers of our Me & Ed’s brand how to use the recipes and provided motivation and directions for effectively driving sales and we are already seeing success.”



Linda Duke is a 20 year restaurant marketing veteran, whose firm, Duke Marketing specializes in providing integrated marketing communications to multi-unit and franchise organizations, including several California restaurant brands.  Over the past twenty years, Duke Marketing has developed local store marketing programs for some of the top restaurant brands in the United States.  Duke’s specialty is consulting and teaching restaurant owners, chefs and operators how to apply marketing tactics to help accelerate restaurant sales, frequency and awareness.

She has provided on-site coordination for over 200 restaurant openings and even more on-location events across the United States using these recipes.  “We’ve learned how to create and implement turn-key programs that drive sales for just about any restaurant concept, and have put these programs into an easy to follow recipe format,” Duke says.




About “Four Star Restaurant Marketing Cookbook—Recipes for Restaurateurs ™”


“Four Star Restaurant Marketing Cookbook—Recipes for Restaurateurs,™” is written by Linda Duke, one of the restaurant and franchise industry’s foremost marketing experts, and published by Duke Marketing Publishing.

“Recipes for Restaurateurs provides restaurant owners and operators with proven marketing tactics in a reader-friendly format with over 250 photos and real restaurant case studies.  This recipe format cookbook includes 100 field tested tips, tools and tactics of successful marketing recipes, ingredients needed, and directions with a tactical guide to generate trial of new guests, build frequency and loyalty of existing guests, increase awareness, check averages and sales for any restaurant.  For more information please visit:

www.marketing-cookbook.com <http://www.marketing-cookbook.com/>   and

www.dukemarketing.com <http://www.dukemarketing.com/

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