According to, “put California Pizza Kitchen (NASDAQ: CPKI), first recommended on May 15, 2009 at a price of $13.53, in the Hold category.”

“This stock is testing investors’ patience. Casual dining restaurant chain California Pizza faces macro-headwinds in the ‘frugal consumer’ era, but the argument here is that the California market — where the chain has a disproportionate number of restaurants — has bottomed. California Pizza also offers a unique ingredient formula – it tries flavor combos other don’t – and its ability to spot food trends should spark a quicker a bounce-back as the U.S. economy starts to recover. The First Call FY2009/FY2010 EPS estimates for CPK are 77 cents to 86 cents. Still, in deference to the belt-tightening era, a tight Sell/Stop Loss has been deployed: no nonsense will be tolerated with CPKI. Technically, there is concern about a double-top, but the longer-term picture displays an uptrend; hence, the U.S. economy’s performance will say a lot about CPKI moving forward. Stock Analysis: California Pizza Kitchen is a high-risk stock. If you’ve already purchased the company’s shares, Hold them. If not, Don’t Buy shares at this time. Sell/Stop Loss if bought shares in this company: $9.50.”

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