NEVADA, Iowa—Part of the essential beauty of pizza is its infinite variety. Switching a meat topping or adding a new one can create an entirely new flavor or texture experience. It can also create a sensation with customers.

Operators are discovering that trying something new is a satisfying way to keep their menus fresh, cause an LTO sales spike or create a unique combination they’ve been seeking. Burke Corporation, leader in fully cooked meats and pizza toppings, makes it easy to explore. Through its years of culinary experience working with a multitude of chains and independent pizzerias, Burke has developed more than 1,200 ways to Meat Your Pizza. Or sandwich. Or soup. Or salad.

No matter what you are looking for, Burke simplifies finding just the right topping in just the right size with just the right flavor for your pizza masterpiece. For ideas to meat your pizza and your menu, click here or go to the landing page at Burke is always pleased to meat you.

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