(Press release), April 16, 2013 — Burke Corporation, leader in fully cooked meats and pizza toppings, is bringing out a great sausage to make your great pizza even better. It’s succulent and delicious like never before and its coarse ground nature will offer customers a firm texture and a better bite.

Patrons who taste this sausage love the eye-appeal of its toast points and authentic hand-pinched look. This exceptional taste and texture are available in two customer favorites:

Traditional Sweet Mild Italian – Whole fennel and black pepper
Spicy Italian – Whole fennel, black pepper, red pepper, garlic and paprika

Each is available in 4/oz. and 8/oz. sizes to give you options for coverage and appearance in your pizza creation.
Your passion for pizza is shared by Burke, and we offer more than 1,200 ways to create your pizza with fully cooked meat toppings – we’ll help you find just the right ones for your operation. And, with the addition of these great tasting sausages, your customers will have even more reasons to love your pizza. Also, your back of house will appreciate the time-savings and safety of toppings that are fully cooked.

We are excited to show off this sausage’s outstanding flavor, texture and appearance. If you would like to try this great sausage and boost your profits, visit us at http://www.BurkeCorp.com to request a sample.

Iowa-based Burke Corporation is an industry leader in fully cooked ethnic and specialty meats for foodservice and industrial markets with products under four brands: PREMORO® Italian meats, TEZZATA® Mexican meats, MAGNIFOODS® specialty meats and NATURASELECT® natural and organic meats, specializing in custom-formulated and labeled products. www.BurkeCorp.com 

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