Bunges Nutra-Clear NT and Amaizing NT win independent frylife and taste tests

Bunge Oils tops the charts in recent Texas A&M University study on trans-fat oil

(St. Louis, MO) – Nutra-Clear NT™, an Omega-9 Canola oil produced by Bunge Oils, outlasted all other soy, Canola, and palm oils in polar materials (frylife) in a recent independent research study done by Texas A&M University.  Also ahead of the competition was Bunge’s Amaizing NT™, a mix of corn and Omega-9 Canola oil.  It was rated number one in a consumer sensory evaluation that rated frying oils on a combination of taste and appearance.  The study was conducted for the independent organization

“The new study proves through an independent source that Nutra-Clear NT™ offers superior frylife vs. other competitive oils on the market,” says Bill McCullough, Director of Foodservice Marketing for Bunge Oils.  “Operators are naturally concerned with transitioning to a trans fat-free frying oil for a fear of added cost. However, Nutra-Clear NT™ offers cost savings simply because it lasts so much longer than conventional non-hydrogenated oils.”  

The study was conducted by Texas A&M University’s Food Protein Center. In one of the tests conducted, each of the oils was used to fry French fries up to 300 times over 13 frying days to determine which oils have the longest frylife.

“With our Amaizing NT™ product we are able to meet an operator’s desire for great tasting fried foods. Amaizing NT™ offers great balance; high stability, great taste, and it’s healthier for the consumer,” McCullough explains. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently granted Canola oil a qualified health claim that it can help reduce the risk of heart disease.  Corn oil was also granted a qualified health claim by the FDA in June of 2007.

“The results of this study prove that Bunge Oils offers superior performance without compromising taste,” McCullough says. “For foodservice operators, it means the flavor, appearance, and kitchen operations stay the same when switching to Bunge zero trans-fat products. Serving healthier options is the smart choice and Bunge products can help operators reach that goal.  We at Bunge offer you a true trans-fat solution.”  

Both Nutra-Clear NT™ and Amaizing NT™ are zero trans-fat products with very low saturated fats, adding multiple health benefits to the consumer.

Bunge Oils is a fully integrated supplier of packaged oil.  The company has a close relationship with seed providers and is constantly striving for development of the next generation of zero trans-fat products for the foodservice industry.  Bunge Oils offers a full line of non trans-fat products, including frying oils, butter alternatives, pan sprays, and donut shortening for all of your frying and baking needs.

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